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Establishing a Tool

to Guide Immunosuppression

TTV is naturally occurring in the blood of every healthy person and every kidney transplant recipient but it causes no disease. If the patient’s immune system is strong, the TTV load is low; this indicates a risk for organ rejection. If the immune system is weak the TTV load is high; this indicates a risk for infection.

The Torque Teno Virus
We are a consortium of kidney transplant physicians, clinical virologists, project and clinical trial manager, ethicists and health care industry professionals funded by the European Union.
Together we aim to establish a new and innovative tool to quantify the activity of the immune system in kidney transplant recipients: the Torque Teno virus (TTV).
Our aim
Who we are
How we do it

Within in a randomised controlled clinical trial including hundreds of kidney transplant recipients from all over Europe TTV-guided dosing of immunosuppressive drugs will be tested.

Once established in routine clinical care, TTV guidance might reduce infections and kidney transplant rejection. In the future TTV might also help patients with liver, heart and lung transplantation and guide therapy in autoimmune, infectious and oncologic diseases.


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